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I know a lot of you have already gone backpacking, while many more of you are still thinking about it. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a rookie getting ready to dive in for the first time, this list might provide you with some new useful information, a reminder – or at least you can nod in silence as you agree that this list of 10 easy things will help you on how to backpack the world.

1. Be prepared – know where you’re going

Tourist information

Avoid looking for tourist information when you arrive at the destination – arrive prepared and informed.

This is a no-brainer, in order to go somewhere you obviously need to know where. I didn’t think you were that stupid, rather this tip is about knowing where you’re going and preparing for it. Study your destination, know what you want to see and what parts you should avoid.

Make sure you know which areas to stay clear of at certain times so you don’t get robbed, where to be careful of pickpockets and watch out for scammers. This site has a few warnings in it’s city reviews, other than that fellow travellers and the internet is a great source of information.

Other than a word of warning knowing where you should go is also extremely useful. Study your location before going there so as not to be so dependent on asking a taxi driver (who might instead take you to his uncle’s restaurant) or wrestle all the other tourists at the information kiosk. If you want to use one of the extremely useful mobile travel guides you should download it before the trip so as not to be reliant on wifi, which might be hard to come by.

Check out my Review of Trip Advisor’s apps for a great tip on how you can use your smartphone as a travel guide.


1. Be prepared
2. Be backed up!
3. Pack right
4. Take photos
5. Keep a journal
6. Be open
7. Be flexible
8. Be equipped
9. Be pennywise
10. Don’t be afraid

Beppe has been a nomad for over 8 years by now, he admits it gets tiresome but finds no use in fighting it.

“Sometimes life wants you to move, so you move.”