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2. Be backed up!

Locked bike insurance

Get insurance to secure yourself and your possessions.

Leaving your safe zone, your home, is risky business. Make no mistake about it. During my travels I have lost:

  • 2 Driver’s licences
  • 1 Passport
  • 1 Van
  • 3 or 4 bank cards
  • 1 DSLR Camera with gear
  • 1 laptop bag

Some of these things would have been covered by insurance, I was foolish enough not to have insurance sorted before leaving on my last trip, and once you’ve been gone more than 45 days you can’t sign up for a normal travel insurance. The price then goes up quite a lot. I know you’re smarter than I was, so you won’t have that problem. Just make sure you check the fine print of your insurance to find out what you can claim and not. You can check out my¬†Guide to Travel Insurance¬†for more information on the subject.

Other things however a travel insurance can’t help. Like if you lose your bank card and find yourself far from help. Then it’s good to have 2 bank cards leading to different accounts, preferably on different banks. You also need to have internet banking set up so you can quickly transfer from one account to another in order to keep the thieves from your finances.

Other things that might go missing not because of theft but because of hardware failure is your photos. Especially when going on a long journey you might be taking to many photos to store on a single SD card, so you transfer it over to an external harddrive thinking they’re in safe keeping. But I have so far had 2 external harddrives crash on me while travelling, as well as one SD card that acted up and deleted all my photos. The safest thing, especially these days as online storage is become increasingly cheap, is to get a cloud storage subscription with one of the larger guys. It will take a lot more than a stiff suspension of a van driving on a bumpy dirt road to wipe out your photos if you keep them in the cloud.

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1. Be prepared
2. Be backed up!
3. Pack right
4. Take photos
5. Keep a journal
6. Be open
7. Be flexible
8. Be equipped
9. Be pennywise
10. Don’t be afraid

Beppe has been a nomad for over 8 years by now, he admits it gets tiresome but finds no use in fighting it.

“Sometimes life wants you to move, so you move.”