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So another place is left behind, another ending and another new beginning. I look forward to 10 days on the roam. Going from one place to the next, couch to floor, you got it? I’ll sleep on it.

Such is the life of a drifter, roaming through life; hanging on by a thin thread. I’m used to this by now, so used to it in fact that losing one couch means nothing as I always have a backup plan. This is my town, like any drifter owns a place, I own this one. The class shows through, the rich owns the property but the rover owns the streets and everything else. Life is ours; matter is yours – but what matters is life.

Once again I happened to have some alcohol left and instead of carrying the extra weight in my bags I decided to drink it and funnel it into the toilet. Space is scarce when your life needs to fit into a backpack. Still I failed, miserably.

Once again, the conclusion was that I have way too much stuff, and that still means I have less than most people. I now carry  one big backpack, one smaller backpack for my camera gear and one laptop bag. On the side I have some other stuff that needs to be stored with my parents. The changing of the seasons and what not. At least that’s what I blame.

I think everyone should do this every now and then, and instead of putting most of their stuff in storage they should donate or throw it out. This time I had too much of the luxury of keeping things so I didn’t donate as much as I usually do, I didn’t throw out as much as I usually do. Even though I can think of a thing or two that should’ve gone, I couldn’t; you get attached to things when you become stable, even if it’s only for a little while.

Lesson never learnt, even though I’ve gone through this over a dozen times by now. Move in, move out. Acquire things, leave it behind. Time goes by and all I need is my creative tools and some clothes on my back, but still I stock up, too much in my pile. I need to share, so that’s what I’ll do. A few shirts will leave my hands in the next week. I don’t need them, I have what I need and then some. The season’s changing and there’s no reason for hoarding for a time when I won’t even be here. So on it goes, and then on again.

There are some exciting times ahead, I found my old bracelet with the message: “Let the journey begin” so I put it on just to let the world know: I’ve begun my journey, even though I might seem to be in the same place – I’m really not. I’ve moved on, I’m just tied down for another few weeks by the fundraising aspect of travelling.

I look forward to seeing you out there in the real world.


Beppe Karlsson, Stockholm


Beppe has been a nomad for over 8 years by now, he admits it gets tiresome but finds no use in fighting it.

“Sometimes life wants you to move, so you move.”