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Things are shaping up on the road. One piece after the other is falling into place. I love setting out without a means to get from point A to point B with stops in between. Only a date and a flight out. It gives me that bit of pressure to perform and finish my goal, but also the flexibility to do as I please. Most often it means I miss out on a sight I was hoping for, but in every single case it means I get to spend more time in a place I really enjoy.

The next leg to Hamburg is booked and ready. Only a few hours left until departure. Got a couch to crash on and a friend to guide me around town. Amsterdam is going to be a massive wing, both how I get there and where I sleep while I’m there, I got some connections that I’m trying to use, new friends are always good though. So whatever happens, happens.

The leg from Amsterdam is for me the toughest. I will take a ferry to England and my biggest fear is water. But I figured it’s time for me to face my fears and get on that boat!

Well, anyway, I ain’t gonna bore you any longer. It’s time for me to sleep unless I want to be completely dead by the time I catch the train tomorrow morning.


Beppe Karlsson, Malmö


Beppe has been a nomad for over 8 years by now, he admits it gets tiresome but finds no use in fighting it.

“Sometimes life wants you to move, so you move.”