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Man it sucks getting back. But it’s also really great. I don’t know which. Nothing beats seeing new things and experiencing the world around you, meeting new people and finding new bars to get drunk in. But then there’s getting home to a safe haven. A place where you feel protected, a place where you know all the ins and outs. Nothing can surprise you. Except your little brother who came back early from Australia and now occupies the room you thought you’d be spending the next month in. Lucky for him I really like him.

Also this coming home stuff has made me realise that as much as I love travel blogging and writing I also hate it. It’s time consuming and you never find the time while on the road, and if you do you’re not a true traveller. How can you find time to publish an entry every damn day? You must really not have a life at all and never go explore the real city. I bet you just sit there and copy from the guide you grabbed at the airport.

Off with the rant.

I have realised something on this trip however. I have in my mind really worked on how I want this blog to grow and transform. My decision is that it will only be a blog, a personal account of my wild and stupid and also extremely boring adventures. I don’t aim to earn any money from this blog. It’s just a way for my narcissistic ego to shine. So don’t expect to find any click bait here, no posts titled “First he did this, watch what happens next” or any other crap like that. This is a cost I will eat just to make myself feel important and to give you something to read when you’re sitting there at home, wherever that may be, wishing you were somewhere else.

I do appreciate having random people like what I post, and read what I write, even though I rarely think it’s any good. So keep doing that. I promise I will put up some more stuff from the trip, like make a narrative or something like that. Hey, I need to feed my ego man. Don’t judge me.

Ok, I need another beer now. Time’s up.


Beppe has been a nomad for over 8 years by now, he admits it gets tiresome but finds no use in fighting it.

“Sometimes life wants you to move, so you move.”