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Do you give a fuck? Or do you not give a fuck? Really who gives a fuck if you do or you don’t?

Why do we give a fuck more about what happens on Sons of Anarchy than actual gang related violence? Why do we give a fuck about Kim Kardashian’s ass and not about the reality that every day children are sold into sex slavery and child prostitution?

We give a fuck about what people think about us, and not whether we’re being the people we really think we should be.

Truth is, as human beings we only have a limited amount of fucks we can give. Some of us have more, some of us have less, but we all have a certain amount of fucks, and it is our choice to give them wherever we want.

The problem is that many of us give our fucks to things that really don’t matter. We give a fuck about our shitty jobs. We give a fuck about the economy. We give a fuck about our ex. We give a fuck about ISIS. If your ex is now in ISIS then you’re really fucked…

But it’s only when we stop giving a fuck, that we begin to replenish our fuck bank. If we stop giving a fuck about ISIS, then that fuck comes back to us. If we stop giving a fuck about all the unimportant shit, then all of a sudden we have a whole bunch of fucks we can give about things we can actually consciously choose to give a fuck about. We can direct our fucks, we can aim them, to worthwhile causes.

We never do anything we don’t give a fuck about. Why would we? So if we’re ever gonna do anything worthwhile, we need to start giving a fuck about it.

So stop giving a fuck about everything. Take your fucks back. Reclaim your fucks. Go an entire day where not a single fuck was given.

Then decide what YOU really give a fuck about.

(hint: its probably not what the media tells you you should give a fuck about…)

In 2014 Dan quit his job, sold or gave away all of his stuff and left to go travel the world.

He is the Director & Co-Founder of The Ridiculous Philanthropy Foundation, as well as the author of the upcoming book “How I Got Wasted, Got Laid & Saved The World”.

He loves tacos.