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Nepal is a poor country, really poor. It’s never been the seat of high power, always a country on the margins. But it’s a country rich in character, culture and humility. Nowhere else have I ever been met with such dignity and kindness as I did in Nepal.

A part of the charm with Nepal is the traditional life a lot of people still lead – a side effect of the poverty no doubt. However in this case it’s not a downside, rather it helps make Nepal one of the friendliest countries on earth, where you feel welcomed and belonging, even though everything is completely alien to you and all the street signs are intelligible – don’t even bother with a map, navigate by landmarks and the sun.

This old man was one of many, many other men, women and children I’d see during my stay in Kathmandu. This image was actually taken in nearby Patan on a day trip to the other two Durbar (palace) squares in the Kathmandu valley, the other being Bakhtapur; the place that moved me the most on my short one week trip in the country, but that’s a story for a different time.

Beppe has been a nomad for over 8 years by now, he admits it gets tiresome but finds no use in fighting it.

“Sometimes life wants you to move, so you move.”