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Packing Up Once Again

So another place is left behind, another ending and another new beginning. I look forward to 10 days on the roam. Going from one place to the next, couch to floor, you got it? I'll sleep on it. Such is the life of a drifter, roaming through life; hanging on by a thin...

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The Transient Nature of Travel

For anyone who doesn't spend their life roaming the globe in search of new, beautiful vistas to lay their sore eyes upon, life has a steady rhythm, a solid ticking. Change is going to come, no matter what you say, and change might seem like a constant. Slow and steady...

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A Walk in Los Angeles

In the summer of 2011 I came in safely on the Greyhound to Los Angeles from San Francisco and for once the terminal looked like it wasn't in the dodgiest part of town. So I decided to walk toward downtown, determined not to spend any money on a taxi. A decision I...

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That Damned Wait

This is the worst part. You've set a target, you've got goals. You know your next move and you're really looking forward to it. But for one reason or another you can't get on with it just yet. You've got some old shit to take care of. Maybe you're getting a new job,...

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Stockholm Sightseeing: Off the Beaten Track

In the past week I've taken my couchsurfers on a tour of Stockholm sightseeing that is a bit off the beaten track. Södermalm sports some pretty, old wooden houses that stand out in comparison to the average architecture of Stockholm. The second image was taken on...

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Travel Tip of the Day: Be Open

Louisville Public Library, KentuckyI was tired, sweaty and starting to become desperate. I cursed myself for being as open and trusting as I was. Also, I'd just seen some of the darker sides of the US while travelling from New York City to Louisville, Kentucky on the...

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Lessons from Paris Beauvais Airport

On my most recent trip to Paris I went with my girlfriend to the city of romance. The problem was that we took the cheap ride on the overcrowded gondola in the sky that Ryan Air packs their passengers into. That landed us a ticket to Paris... oh-wait-it-isn't-Paris...

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Couchsurfing: The Beginning

So here we are. I'm looking at that little button on my screen, it begs me to press it and change the status from "Not Now" with that little coffee cup next to it, to "Yes". I'm no better at resisting than the next guy, and I'm not scared to meet new people - so I...

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Travel Fundraising Ideas

Travelling is expensive, just tell me about it - or don't, I don't want to think about it. I don't want to think about all the budgets I've burst, all the hours of blood, sweat and swear words I've spent to earn my way around the globe. But if there is one thing I've...

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